General information

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Number collection

  • 50km Ultra:
    16-18 Apr 09:00-17:00: Forever Hotel @ Centurion, C/o. Rabie Street and Basden Avenue, Lyttleton, Centurion.
    Fri 20 Apr 12:00-20:00: Municipal Offices, Wanderers Avenue, Middelburg.
    Sat 21 Apr 04:30-06:00: Municipal Offices, Wanderers Avenue, Middelburg.
  • 21,1km Wild Challenge:
    16-18 Apr 09:00-17:00: Forever Hotel @ Centurion, C/o. Rabie Street and Basden Avenue, Lyttleton, Centurion.
    Fri 20 Apr 12:00-20:00: Damwal Complex, Loskopdam.
    Sat 21 Apr 04:30-06:30: Damwal Complex, Loskopdam.

Temporary licenses

  • ASA rules stipulate that you can not run an Ultra Marathon unless you have a ASA licence therefore if you are not registered with a Club you can register with the Middelburg Marathon Club.
  • Temporary licenses can be purchased for the 21,1km Wild Challenge during registration.


  • 50km Ultra: 21 April 2018 @ 06:00AM - John Magagula Street, Middelburg.
  • 21,1km Wild: 21 April 2018 @ 06:30AM - Loskop nature reserve, Damwal complex, Loskopdam.
  • The 'Silver Gate' at Loskopdam opens at 03:00AM for parking inside the resort.
  • The N11 road between Middelburg and loskopdam will close at 05:00AM.


  • Both the 50km Ultra and the 21,1km Wild Challenge will finish at Loskopdam, a Forever Resort.
  • Athletes will receive a maximum of three (3) entry vouchers to the Resort. These vouchers will be attached to your Race Number.
  • Should you enter the Resort prior to collecting your free entry vouchers, you must pay the normal entry fee. You may then redeem these vouchers, with proof of payment, for a refund at Reception.
  • Only runners wearing Official Race Numbers clearly visible on the front of their club vests will be allowed to enter the finishing area.
  • The N11 between Loskopdam and Middelburg opens at 13:00PM for traffic on race-day. The gates at Loskopdam, A Forever Resort will open at 13:00PM.

Water points and refreshments

Refreshment stations will provide Coke and Purified Water sachets.

  • 50km Ultra: every 3km for the 1st half and every 2,5km for the 2nd half of the route.
  • 21,1km Wild Challenge: every 3km.

Prize giving

  • Winners MUST redeem their prize-vouchers at Loskop Reception on race day.
  • Unclaimed vouchers will be nullified after the Prize Giving.
  • Trophies, gold medals and other prizes will be awarded after the races.
  • Prize-giving will take place at the Old Swimming Pool next to the finish line.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Official prize-giving times: 21,1 km: 11:30 & 50km: 12:00

Tog bags

Transport for Tog bags will be available from both venues to the finish at Loskopdam, free of charge. (At owners' own risk) PLEASE USE OWN PLASTIC BAG IN CASE IT RAINS!


Runner's photos will be taken by Action Photo on request. For more detail visit the official websites:

Bus transport 50km ONLY

  • Pre-booked and pre-paid only.
  • No tickets will be sold on race day.
  • Bus Transport will be provided to the 50km START in Middelburg from Loskop Dam.
  • Buses will depart strictly from 03:30-03:45.
  • Only 750 tickets available, one per athlete.
  • Tickets will be allocated on a first-come first served basis and to athletes ONLY.
  • Buses returning to Middelburg leaves from 13:00. Last Bus leave Loskop @ 14:00!
  • Bus tickets (50km only) must be booked with entry at a cost of R90-00 per ticket.

Free shuttle service: 21,1km

  • Shuttle service for athletes only.
  • A free shuttle service to drop off athletes at the registration of the 21,1km and fun run will be provided from the Resort Main Entrance from 05:00

Goodie bags & T-shirts

  • Only athletes who entered BEFORE the official closing date will qualify for Goodie Bags and Race T-shirts.
  • Non-finishers & exchanges ONLY after 13:00, please do so at the tunnel. Subject to availability.

Course records

Make your contribution to conservation

  • Make a contribution to Friends of Loskop during registration or
  • Enter your family in the Rhino Fun Run.

Comrades qualifier & seeding

See Comrades website: for qualifying or seeding details. Comrades qualifying time is 6 hours.

The 4,9km Rhino Fun Run

This Family Fun Run takes place on Saturday, 21 April 2018, from the start of the 21,1km Wild Challenge (near the Dam wall). This unique run will be towards the Resort along the dam. You may enter on Race day at the start for R35-00 per entry and contribute towards the FRIENDS OF LOSKOP CONSERVATION FUND. No prize-money will be awarded, but all finishers will receive a medal. Walkers are also welcome. The Fun Run starts at 06:45.

Race rules

  • 2018 License numbers must be worn. Race number on the front of your vest.
  • Official Timing Chip MUST be attached to the shoe or as per instruction.
  • Licensed runners must wear club colours; other runners should be neatly dressed in accordance with accepted athletic norms.
  • To prevent disqualification, obey all Marshals and traffic officers/officials.
  • Only athletes as defined by ASA rules:
    • 21,1 km - the minimum age is 16 years of age on race day; and
    • 50 km Ultra - 20 years of age on race day.
    • Identification and proof of age must be provided on request on race day.
  • Athletes competing for category prizes must wear age category tags on both the front and back of their vests. Category tags MUST be visible.
  • They must complete the race before 11:30.
  • Time limits will apply as follows:
    • 21,1 km - Limit of 4 hours 00 minutes.
    • 50 km Ultra - Time limit of 7 hours, Comrades qualifying time is 6 hours.
  • 50 Km Cut-off times:
    • 25 km - 3:45
    • 36 km - 5:15
    • 42 km - 6:00
  • The judge's decision is final.
  • Run under the rules of ASA and Athletics Mpumalanga.
  • Walkers may participate with no additional time allowed. Cut-off times as above will apply.
  • No Race Numbers will be posted.

We Salute Our Sponsors

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  • Department of culture, sport and recreation
  • Shanduka beverages
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